Monday, August 28, 2006

Sex Positions While Standing

A variety of standing sex positions are available options for lovers.

  • The stand and carry position without a support has the penetrating partner standing while holding the receiving partner. The receiving partner wraps their legs around penetrator's waist and arms around shoulders.
  • Standing sex position using a structure for support. Also known as the "knee-trembler".
  • Wheelbarrow position puts the penetrating partner enters standing with the receiving partner on bottom lifted by their thighs. (also known as 'Hoovering of the floor' or 'Hoover Maneuver')
  • High Heel Elevation – The woman carefully selects a pair of high heels that are exactly the right height to allow her partner to comfortably penetrate her from behind, while they both stand. A separate height of shoe is usually needed for optimum comfort during face to face standing sex.
  • Harvey Wallbanger – Variant on the stand and carry, receiving partner's back is pressed against a wall or other large vertical surface as a frictional support.
  • Threading the needle sex position puts the receiving partner placing both hands and one foot on the floor. The penetrating partner stands behind with receiving partner's foot above shoulder, or leg around waist. The penetrating partner controls the intercourse. Anal penetration may also be possible.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sex Positions - Sitting and Kneeling

  • Watching the game sex position is a variant on the cowgirl position with the penetrating partner sitting in a chair. The receiving partner sits, facing the penetrating partner--also known as the Lap dance.
  • Armchair position is another variant on the watching the game with the receiving partner sits in a chair and the penetrating partner kneeling in front of the receiver.
  • Black bee is the penetrating partner sits, hands behind on the floor with the receiving partner sits on top, hands on shoulders.
  • Furniture sex positions receiving partner on the edge of furniture, legs spread. The penetrating partner stands. The receiving partner reclines or sits on the edge of the furniture - sofa, counter, bed, etc. and spreads their legs. The penetrating partner stands or kneels, depending on the height of the furniture, supports the receiving partner's legs with their arms, and penetrates them. In this position, the penetrating partner can adjust the angle of penetration to enter from above or below to effect more stimulation. This position provides a good view for the penetrating partner of the penetration occurring.
  • Persuading of the debtor has the penetrating partner kneeling and the receiving partner on their back, ankles on each side of penetrating partner's shoulders.
  • Playing the Cello Sex Position puts the receiving partner on their back, ankles on one of the penetrating partner's shoulders and the penetrating partner kneeling enters from back. This is also known as Playing the Violin.
  • Proposal positions puts the receiving partner kneeling with legs apart. The penetrating partner kneels, one knee on ground.
  • Split level – receiving partner on bottom, legs around penetrating partner; penetrating partner kneels. Variant of the lotus position. In the regular position, both partners cross their legs.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Doggy Style Sex Position Variations

Here are more additions to our continuing series on sex positions. Today, we are exploring variations of the doggy style position. Many men find this one of the most exciting positions.

  • Leapfrog Sex Position has the penetrating partner inserting from behind. The receiving partner on all fours, facing down.
  • Leapfrog Variantion on the doggy sex position has the receiving partner's torso lower, also known as "face down ass up".
  • Froggy Style – variant on leapfrog position with the penetrating partner raising their own hips above those of the receiving partner for maximum penetration.
  • Upright doggy is variant on the doggy position. The receiving partner kneels upright.
  • Spread-eagle has the receiving partner laying face down, with legs spread open, while penetrating partner is on top. Also known as the spider position.
  • Spoons position has both partners lying on their same side facing in the same direction as the penetrating partner inserts from behind.
  • Reverse peace sign has the receiving partner laying face down with knees held together.
  • Inverted Missionary has the receiver laying face down on surface with legs spread/closed, and penetrating partner enters receiving partner while she/he lies on stomach (provides good stimulation of the penetrator's testicles, penetrator can reach around and stimulate the clitoris/testicles of the receiver)
  • Camel Ride/Camel-Style has the receiving partner laying on his/her side with the uppermost leg forward. The penetrating partner kneels over the receiver's leg, gaining access to either vagina or anus. Good for sex during pregnancy, or for overweight partners.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Missionary Sex Position Variations

  • The Missionary position is considered the most common position. The penetrating partner is on top with direct penetration and the receiving partner is on bottom, with legs open.
  • Side entry missionary offers a variation on the missionary position with the receiving partner on their side and the penetrating partner kneels to penetrate from behind.
  • Blossoming Flower Missionary is similar to the standard missionary position, with the receiving partner is on their back, but they also spread their legs, lift their hips and arch their back. The receiving partner is literally and figuratively opening themself up to their lover, and allowing for deeper penetration.
  • Squashing of the deckchair has the receiving partner on bottom, with legs pulled up. The penetrating partner is on top and holds the receiving partner's legs.
  • The Butterfly sex position has the receiving partner lie on their back and the penetrating partner stands and lifts the receiving partner's pelvis for penetration
  • Coital alignment technique is a variant on the missionary position, with the man in the missionary position and moves slightly forward so that the base of the penis rubs the clitoris.
  • The stopperage has the sex position variation of the penetrating partner pressing the receiving partner's thighs against their chest
  • The Yawning Position has the receiving partner's legs straight up and wide apart
  • Octopus Sex Position is similar to the butterfly, with the receiving partner resting her legs on the penetrating partner's shoulders
  • Feet-on-his-shoulders has the penetrating partner kneeling and the receiving partner resting their legs on penetrating partner's shoulders

There seem to be almost limitless little variations to the classic sex positions. We open with your partner and enjoy the moment to find those positions that work best for you best.