Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Facinating Facts about Orgasms and Masturbation

The history of masturbation dates back to pre-historic times as indicated by cave paintings and artifacts. Depictions of male masturbation are common in the ancient world.

Condemnation of masturbation dates back to the days of fertility-worship. Judeo-Christian tradition used Genesis 38 to show that God frowned upon masturbation. Onan of Judah was having sex with his brother's widow and "prematurely withdrew" in an attempt to not impregnate her. This is where the word "onanism" came from, and is the only mention of "seed spilling" in the Bible.

Between 1856 and 1919 the U.S. Patent Office granted patents for forty-nine anti-masturbation devices. Thirty-five were for horses and fourteen for humans.

In 1994, former United States Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, recommended that masturbation be included in sex education in schools. The recommendation was met with outrage and led to Dr. Elders' resignation.

The medical community later reiterated that safe-sex education could be the only ammunition against the spread of AIDS. Today, data shows that masturbation is among the most common of sexual activities, second only to intercourse.

  • Orgasms release physical tension and emotional stress.
  • Orgasms increase circulation and release "feel good" endorphins.
  • Adolescents can use masturbation to delay the loss of their virginity.
  • Masturbation is an alternative to engaging in extra-marital affairs.
  • Regular ejaculations decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men.
  • Masturbation can help a person with a difficulty in reaching an orgasm.
  • Masturbation is recommended to men who suffer from premature ejaculation enabling them to learn to delay their orgasms.

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Sex Toys

Below are some new sex toys just released that sound like fun.

Remote Control Vibrator Egg
Cleopatra Remote Control Vibrator
The Berman Center Waterproof Vibrating Remote Control Egg is a beautiful, purple rubber-coated egg. This little vibe works discreetly with power.

This remote vibrator offers 7 functions of vibration, including pulsation and escalation. Endorsed by Dr. Laura Berman is an internationally reknowned expert in the area of female sexuality. Dr. Laura Berman's recent agreement with CalExotics (Swedish Erotica) has produced the "Berman Center Intimate Accessories," a unique line of sex toys & vibrators specifically designed to satisfy a woman's desires.

Silicone Triple Teaser Vibrator
CyberSilicone 5X Triple Teaser vibrator
features two motors with 5 pleasurizing vibrating programs. It offers clitoral, g-spot, and anal stimulation.

The CyberSilicone 5X Triple Teaser vibrator's has raised nubs for clitoris and anus excitement, with a curved tip on the shaft for g-spot sensations. The dual-motor provides powerful vibrations. This new sex toy material is soft, hygenic and warms to body heat.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Below are actual humorous classified ads from newspapers:

USED TOMBSTONE, perfect for someone named Homer Hendel Bergen Heinzel. One only, call xxx-1562

WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. PO Box x243, Oakview, CA. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.

PERSONAL: Single male seeks double-jointed supermodel who owns a brewery and grows her own pot. Access to free concert tickets a plus, as is having open minded twin sister!

HAVE VIAGRA. Need woman. Any women between 18 & 80. PO Box xxx, Boise, ID 83701

Monday, May 22, 2006

Popular Vibrators

The Rabbit Habit Vibrator is the real thing! A high quality Japanese vibrator just like the Rabbit Pearl, but this one is longer, and the controls are located in the base, so there are no wires to deal with.

Bend the shaft slightly on this multi-stimulating rabbit habit vibrator and the beads will rotate at the entrance to the vaginal opening (a highly sensitive area) and the clitoris sits right between the vibrating ears of the rabbit! The shaft and the ears on the Rabbit Habit are independently controlled and speed is variable on both. You'll have hours of orgasm fun with this dual stimulator Rabbit Habit vibe from Vibratex. 9 inches total length X 1.25 inches wide (5 insertable inches). Made of high-quality vinyl (latex free).

The LayaSpot Vibrator from Fun Factory is a perfectly shaped, ergonomically designed silicone vibrator that looks and feels great. It's small (about the size of a computer mouse), and fits very nicely in your hand. It also cradles perfectly in the contours of a woman's pelvic area.

The intensity of the vibrations are controlled with two illuminated buttons that vary the vibrations from barely noticible to WOW! The three different vibrating programs each with multi-speed vibrations, allow for an unending array of pleasure choices.

Remote Control Vibrators are our second most popular type of vibrator behind the Rabbit Vibes. Let your partner control your pleasure when you're out for a night on the town.

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator with its rotating beads and strategically placed rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator is the most popular of all the pearl rabbit vibrators. The control of this vibrating rabbit clitoral stimulator include independent adjustment for intensity. Pearl-like beads twirl inside the soft pink shaft, while it gyrates to stimulate ALL the right spots! The Jack Rabbit Vibrator requires 3 C Batteries to give it lots of power. This very popular rabbit vibrator is about 1.5 to 2 inches wide and about 7 inches long--5 being useable. Check out all the Jack Rabbit Vibrator reviews below from our customers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Romance Your Woman

Women like to know you’re thinking about them. Give her a little surprise. She’ll love receiving little notes saying how much you love her. Put them on her pillow, in her purse, on her steering wheel, in a pan or through the mail (Yes. US Postal even if you live together—it makes it special). Send her an email just to let her know you’re thinking of her.

• Nice note paper and an envelope (you must hand write your note to make it personal)

Optional Ingredients:
• If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own poem look for one about love by Walt Whitman, Lord Byron or John Keats
• http://www.1lovecards.com/main.html Beautiful romantic photo e-cards
• http://greetings.yahoo.com Yahoo offers a large selection of online greeting cards

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Romantic Sex Techniques for Couples

Wet Locks

Wash your lover’s hair. Most women find this incredibly sensual. It’s a marvelous experience for guys too.

• A warm shower
• A nice scented shampoo
• Tender, loving fingers

Kneed Until Tender

A scalp massage is related to washing hair. Something magical happens when someone gently rubs your scalp. It can be both relaxing and sexually stimulating at the same time.

• Slow, sensuous motion with the fingertips
• One scalp

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sexy Aphrodisiac Foods

Want to spice up your love life? Pumpkin pie may be the answer. Researchers are rediscovering what grandma already knew, there is a path between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Researches have been rediscovering the effects of smell and taste on male and female arousal. The results show that sexual urges are stimulated by specific odors. For men, the most noteworthy are pumpkin pie and lavender. For women, banana nut bread, Good-N-Plenty candy and cucumbers.

Traditionally, aphrodisiacs have included such foods as artichokes, figs, strawberries, pomegranates, asparagus, cucumbers and chocolate. Some foods make the list because their shape is suggestive of male sex organs (asparagus, cucumbers) or female sex organs (figs, halved strawberries).

Women have always gone soft for chocolate because it gives them the same high as falling in love. Chocolate contains a chemical called “phenyl ethylamine” as well as caffeine, a stimulant.

• Popular aphrodisiac foods are chocolate dipped strawberries, baked & aromatic items like fresh bread, cake or pastries or whatever foods your partner desires

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Howard Stern Sybian Sex Machine Videos

Howard Stern has convinced numberous beautiful stars to take a ride on the Sybian Sex Machine. Mr. Stern must be very persuasive to get Jenna Jameson, Carmen Electra, Tera Patrick and other babes to use the Sybian. For a view of these sex machine movies (R rated), choose one of these links:

Sybian Movie of Jenna Jameson Riding the Sybian Sex Machine on Howard Stern Video

Movie of Carmen Electra on the Sybian Sex Machine

Video of Valentina Vaughn Riding Sybian

Sybian Movie of Terra Patrick Using the Sybian sex machine on Howard Stern (Film)

To learn more about the Sybian, click the link below:

Sybian Sex Machine
Sybian Sex Machine

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Romantic Gestures for Couples

Tell your significant other that you’re going to have a formal dinner in a few days and plan to dress up. Ask them to “arrive” for the date and to bring the wine and/or flowers, even if you live together. Prepare a favorite dinner (or order a nice ‘take out’ meal) before they arrive, so you can enjoy the evening without constantly rushing to the kitchen. Give each other your undivided attention.

Make it an unforgettable, romantic moment you will both remember a lifetime.

• Mix equal parts candlelight, soft music, your best china, a great meal and dressing to the nines
• If you have children send them to a relative or friend’s house. This dinner is for grownups

Optional Ingredients:
• Foods that you can feed to each other—very sexy

Monday, May 08, 2006

Best Quality Vibrator Sex Toys

Silicone Crystal Bunny Vibrator The Silicone Ultra Flashing Crystal Multi-Speed Bunny Vibrator is a sensuously soft, hygienically superior silicone vibe with 21 Impulse Patterns, 7 hypersonic functions and synchronized mood-lights. The 3 speed rotating shaft has non-jamming metal beads and an interlocking base that can be used with other interlocking double dongs. The clitoral bunny has 7 levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Rabbit Habit Vibrator Bend the shaft slightly on this high quality Japanese vibrator and the beads will rotate at the entrance to the vaginal opening (a highly sensitive area) and the clitoris sits right between the vibrating ears of the rabbit! The shaft and the ears on the Rabbit Habit vibrator are independently controlled and speed is variable on both. You'll have hours of orgasm fun with this dual stimulator Rabbit Habit vibe from Vibratex. TRUST US. You won't be disappointed!

7 Function Remote Control Vibrator The Waterproof 7 Function Remote Egg is waterproof for playful underwater ecstasy. Enjoy powerful vibrations without having to worry about wires or cords getting in the way of your fun. With a generous 15 foot range, you can give your lover the remote, so you can be teased from afar!

The next generation of remote-controlled egg is smaller & softer to the touch than the original. However, a different look and feel are just the beginning. The waterproof mini egg features seven escalating vibration functions at the touch of a button.

The original remote control egg's larger size is a thrill, but the smaller dimensions of this updated model make it more comfortable for longer use, such as during a concert or flight (happy landings!). A thin coating of durable rubber gives the mini egg a velvety feel.

This egg is quiet, discreet, and has a nylon retrieval cord, allowing it to go places you've only imagined! The one touch on/off button, and convenient attachment clasp allow your partner to effortlessly control sensations without the lights on.

Cyberskin Realistic Dildo Vibrator The Cyberskin Vibrating Cyber Cock utilizes 21st century technology to rocket you into ecstasy. This toy is one of the most realistic feeling vibrators on the market. It's so life-like you'll swear it's the real thing!

The Vibrating Cyber Cock is made of high quality, dual-density Cyberskin. The thick shaft has a a soft, supple outer skin, and the interior is made of a sturdy, more rigid material. Unlike a real penis, though, this one has a powerful vibrator for even more pleasure! Experience the ultimate cyber orgasm.

A free gift in every box--a personal lubricant and Cyberskin renew to keep this toy ready to go. 7.5 inches long (6 insertable inches) x 1.625 inches wide. Choose between white and cinnamon.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Practical Sex Solutions – Real-Life "Better Sex"

Have you ever thought to yourself, "My sex life would be so much
better if my partner was a just little more/less _________"? Yes, you
have. It's happened. Human beings are all unique, with all sorts of
physical and psychological variations that aren't always ideal for the
ultimate sex life. Don't despair, however! Technology has brought us
leaps and bounds forward in the search for sexual pleasure. Sex toys
are no longer limited to cheap, plastic, phallic-shaped things. There
is a wide variety of fun, useful products designed to improve our
personal, loving sex lives and strengthen our relationships. So if
the man of your dreams just happens to be a little under par in the
size department, or you find yourself wanting more than he can give,
it doesn't mean you can't have ultimately satisfying sex. Read on…

Problem 1: "He's too small"
There are a few solutions to this problem, if indeed this is a problem
at all. Many men who are below average size-wise have learned to use
other parts of their body to their partner's grateful benefit. But if
his little guy just isn't satisfying you, there are quite a few things
to try. First, try different positions: let him take you from behind
while you squeeze your legs together, or lie on your back with your
knees at your chest and your feet over his shoulders. These positions
allow deeper penetration, tighten your canal and increase sensation
for both of you. You can also have him try a penis enhancer. These
come in all sizes and shapes to lengthen, thicken, support, and
satisfy whatever need you both may have. Third, work your PC muscles.
A good set of Smartballs, an updated version of Ben-Wa balls, will
strengthen and tighten your internal muscles. With your vaginal
muscles primed and toned, you'll be amazed at how much more you'll
feel during sex.

Problem 2: "He's too big"
Sorry to disillusion you, guys, but bigger isn't always better. A
huge member doesn't always guarantee pleasure; it can often cause pain
for women with tight or short vaginal canals. The best solution to
this problem is lots of foreplay! Spend lots of time getting her
excited using your hands or mouth. When she's ready, slather on a
healthy dollop of lubricant and ease in slowly. Silicone-based lubes
tend to work best for easing the friction of a tight fit. If he's
really long, try a set of penis donuts. These fit tightly at the base
of the penis so he'll still receive stimulation, but they're wide
enough keep him from going further in than she's comfortable with.
Some positions to try: her on top, so she's in complete control of
penetration and speed. Side-by-side also limits how deeply he can

Problem 3: "He wants it all the time"
If your partner is always after you for sex, and you're never "in the
mood," you're setting yourself up for some serious long-term
relationship problems. Try not to think of this as his problem; there
are a number of solutions you can enact that can directly affect you.
Some things to try:
*Make sure you're keeping a healthy sleep schedule – Not enough sleep
leads to a reduction in testosterone, the hormone that gives you a
healthy libido.
*Take active responsibility for your sex drive – Figure out what turns
you on, don't leave it to your partner to guess. When you pinpoint
what gets you in the mood, do it often, share it with your partner,
whatever it takes to enjoy yourself.
*Identify and work out issues with your body image – The better you
feel about your body, the more likely you are to enjoy sex. This may
require a getting a gym membership or scheduling counseling.
*Initiate sex, even if you're not in the mood – By taking the reigns,
you take control of the situation, which can be a major turn-on for
you. You don't even have to go all the way. Oral sex or even manual
stimulation will make your partner equally grateful, and can rev up
your own lagging libido.
*Fantasize – Let your body and mind get in the mood without the
pressure of having to perform or please someone else. Find a fun
vibrator or other toy help you enjoy your alone time. The more you
exercise your libido, the healthier it'll become.

Problem 4: "He doesn't want it as much as I do"
Biology has set us up for a cruel trick: as we age, a woman's sex
drive goes up while a man's libido starts to fall behind. While many
women fear this is because they have become less appealing to their
partners, in most cases, this couldn't be further from the truth.
Here are some things you can do to help yourself out:
*Masturbate – When you need to take the edge off, close the door, turn
on some music, and spend some quality time with your favorite rabbit
*Make sure it's sex you're after – Identify whether you're actually
craving sex, or if you're looking for love, intimacy, affection, or a
stress-reducer. There are other ways of receiving these without
depending on sex.
*Know your partner's appetites – Learn what turns him on and off.
Explore all the options of the things they enjoy, broaden your
repertoire of sexual knowledge, and be sure to mix it up. A simple
sex swing can make your sex lives seem brand new again.
*Utilize the quickie – Sex doesn't always have to be an hour-long
excursion. Use lots of lubricant and make the most of whatever time
you have.

Take an active role in improving your sexual happiness, and you'll
find that you both benefit. Life changes over time, so be sure to
communicate, work through whatever issues you may have together, and
don't be afraid to try new things. Satisfaction comes to those who
work at it!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


  • Did you hear about the side-effects of the Viagra pill for men? If you swallow it slowly, you'll get a stiff neck.
  • What do you get if you mix Viagra and Prozac? - A guy who is ready to go but doesn't really care where.
  • Why is Viagra like Disneyworld? - You have to wait an hour for a three I minute ride.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eroscillator Vibrator

An Eroscillator is a specially designed vibrator that looks a bit like an electric toothbrush. It has a small head that moves from side to side. This is the vibrator endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The Eroscillator is perhaps the most pedigreed sex toy on the market. According to the official Eroscillator website, it is the creation of a "world renowned" Swiss designer and is "scientifically engineered." It looks like a large, bronze electric toothbrush. The head moves in a back and forth, in a side-to-side motion that is meant to mimic the movement of a finger on the clitoris. There are a few attachments available for it, including one that resembles anal beads, and another with tufts of brushes. There is also a cup attachment that can be used on penises, so men can also use this device.

Eroscillator Vibrator
Learn More

The Eroscillator is endorsed by sex advice guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and is touted as being "university tested," referring to a study conducted by Louis Lieberman and Mary Cuadrado, two sexologists at City University of New York. Their findings indicate that the women in their test group reported more orgasms and more intense orgasms while using the Eroscillator, compared to a coil vibrator and a Hitachi Magic Wand. A majority of the women also preferred the Eroscillator's features over those of the other vibrators. However, it seems telling that the only place these results have been published is on a handful of sites that sell the Eroscillator products.

This vibrator is very different from any other vibrator on the market. This means, of course, that not everyone will like it. It is extremely powerful, and has a unique design that not everyone finds comfortable to handle. Do your research before you buy one to make sure this is an investment you want to make. People who like the Eroscillator really, really love it. People who don't, however, really don't. There isn't a lot of gray area, and for the investment, you want to make sure that its right for you.

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Sex Toy - Lady Calston InJoy Self Pleasurizer

Lady Calston InJoy Self Pleasurizer Dildo Vibrator

Click to order Lady Calston InJoy Self Pleasurizer Dildo Vibrator

Lady Calston InJoy Self Pleasurizer Dildo Vibrator is the perfect hands-free toy because you can just lie back and let the toy do all the work! Just strap it on and imagine that there's someone hot and sexy breathing in your ear and biting your neck while thrusting deep inside of you.

The Lady Calston InJoy Self Pleasurizer is an amazingly realistic penis that automatically moves in and out while the perfectly textured balls vibrate your clitoris for incredible sensations. Separate controls give you the power to speed up or slow down the thrusting and vibrations allowing you to dial-up the perfect orgasm.

If you prefer being on top, remove the straps and use the suction cup to hold the InJoy Self Pleasurizer while you ride it to orgasm after orgasm. 7 inches long x 1.5 inches wide. 4.75 inches around. 4 C Batteries required.