Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Selling Sex Toys in March

Best Selling Sex Toys during March

Decadent Indulgence 3 Vibrator Between the clitoral vibration, rotating beads, and advanced pulsation programs, there are more than 300 possible combinations for your individual pleasure!

We-Vibe The We-Vibe is an elegantly designed, multi-speed silicone vibrator that can be used for masturbation, or during intercourse. The unique flexible spring backbone molds to your delicate curves so that it is comfortable and discreet to use while having sex.

Head Honcho Masturbator The Head Honcho from the Sue Johanson line of advanced sex toys is a super stretchy, deliciously tight masturbator sleeve.

Remote Control Vibrators have become a fun addition to a sexy night out on the town. Let your partner be in charge of the controller and be surprised all night.

Eve's Strap on Harness comes with a crotchless, shiny black vinyl harness and two interchangeable strap-on attachments. This harness is easy to use, with a T-back harness that adjusts with sturdy metal snaps and buckles, and fits up to a 49 waist. It comes with 2 attachments for variety.

Hitachi Magic Wand This is the classic, powerful vibrator and massager.

Clit Kisser simulates oral sex for a woman.

Jack Rabbit Vibrator The powerful multi-stimulation vibrator with the rabbit ears the tickle the clit.

Spinning Sex Swing is the best sex toy for couples. Opens up fun, new sexual positions.

Make Your Own Dildo Kit allows you to make a realistic mold of your penis to immortalize your member forever.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sexual Exersize

I need to exercise my what?!??

As we head into the fourth month of 2009, which resolutions did you manage to keep? Unlike most Americans, mine did not include the typical weight loss or quit smoking resolutions. Not that those aren't important! Instead I decided to put "have stronger orgasms" on my 2009 resolutions list.

Well, who doesn't want stronger orgasms? Granted, it's not one of your more conventional resolutions and will probably not make it on the list for USA Today, but it's just as important! So let's add "Exercise my kegel muscles" to your list of resolutions. For this one, let's make sure you stick with it.

You'll want to - trust me.

By exercising this often neglected muscle (no, I'm not talking about your triceps), you can increase your sexual sensitivity and increase intensity of your orgasms. Exercising the muscles of your pelvic floor is particularly great for reducing symptoms of urinary incontinence after childbirth. For your partner, he'll definitely feel a tighter kitty and will enjoy the expanding-and-contracting sensations on his shaft. Establishing good habits is all about positive reinforcements and he'll give you some immediate feedback. Good ones too.

Again, trust me on this.

Locating Your PC Muscle

Your PC muscle is not as allusive as you would think. The easiest way to identify it is by squeezing the muscles that stop the flow of urine. DO NOT keep starting and stopping the flow of urine as a means to exercise your muscles. This may induce urinary reflux which can ultimately lead to a urinary tract infection.

Some women may not find this maneuver easy at first and may incorrectly squeeze the wrong muscle group - such as your abdominal muscles instead of your pelvic muscles. Take your time to isolate this group. To ensure that you're working out the correct muscle group, you can insert two fingers into your vagina. Squeeze down and contract - you should be able to feel your muscles tighten around your fingers.


To start, you can try squeezing and releasing your PC muscles for about 5-10 minutes a day. This short exercise can be done discreetly anytime while you're at work, vacuuming at home, buying groceries etc. Hmm… I'm writing this article at work and I'm squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing . . .

Another way to perform this exercise is on the floor. Great little workout for your butt, abs, calves and kegels!

1. Lie down on your back, go up on your tippy toes and push your hips up.
2. Push your hips up a bit more and do small upward thrusts.
3. As you do these small upward pulses, squeeze your kegel muscles. Keep your movements tight and small.
4. Pulse n' squeeze. Pulse n' squeeze. Pulse n' squeeze. Keep going!
5. After a few sets, relax your spine down, vertebrae by vertebrae.

To change up my "workout" routine, I also like to use a kegel exerciser as it gives me something concrete to squeeze.

Smartballs by Fun Factory

My favorite toy to exercise my kegels are the Fun Factory Smartballs as they are incredibly easy to use and are made of a high quality, hypoallergenic silicone. Their smooth Elastomed coating makes them easy to clean and keep clean. Just like a tampon they are inserted vaginally and has a string for easy retrieval.

1. Add a little lubricant and go ahead and vaginally insert the balls. Some women like to just use one ball first while others will go ahead and insert both.
2. Inhale, squeeze. Exhale, release. Inhale, squeeze. Exhale, release.
3. To add a little more resistance, while the balls are inside, squeeze your muscles as you give a gentle tug on the string.
4. For an even greater challenge, you can try to push the balls out.

Easier than getting your butt to the gym, these Smartballs can be worn during the day. So as you get dressed, go ahead insert your Smartballs and go about your business. Occasionally it'll jiggle about giving you a little reminder to do a few quick squeezes and releases. Don't worry - no one else can hear them. Although, that would make for an interesting topic of conversation . . .

Juno Weight Pelvic Exerciser by Dr. Laura Berman

Another favorite of mine is the Juno; a seamless, graduated, weighted pelvic exerciser. Different from the Smartballs, this toy is NOT something I would be walking around with out and about. It allows me to strengthen my muscles while working with different weights. It has a sleek lucite design with stainless steel balls inside. It's like working with barbells at the gym, but prettier. Plus, when not "working out," Juno doubles as a unique dildo.

1. Done while standing, add a little lubricant and insert the end with the smaller ball. When starting out, use your other hand for support on the non-inserted end of the exerciser.
2. Squeeze your muscles to hold the instrument. As you contract, you will have your opposite hand supporting the instrument. Repeat.
3. When ready, you can graduate to the next weight/size.
For more advanced users, you can use the larger end first and hold the exerciser with your muscles only.
4. Unlike your stock portfolio, these small investments are going yield big rewards in the bedroom. With daily practice, your PC muscles will become noticeably more toned and tight, making this exercise resolution one you'll want to stick to.

Now wouldn't this make for an interesting workout DVD?