Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sex Swing Offers New Positions for Fun

Pleasure Swing - Great Sex Swing

Pleasure Swing

If you're looking for new fun in the bedroom, the Pleasure Swing offers you and your partner new, fun sexual positions. This sex swing is larger than the famed Love Swing and the Spinning Sex Swing with extra padding. A very well designed piece of sex furniture.

It is the ultimate couple's toy. You'll find no end to the fun with a Pleasure Swing.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Using the Remote Control During Dinner -

Remote control vibrators have been quite the rage in sex toys. These panties contain a small vibrator with a remote control. Give HIM the remote. We all know men love remote controls. He’ll love “surprising” you all night long while you’re out on the town.

Our favorite is the 7 Function Waterproof Remote Egg. Most remote vibrators offer just one speed. But this 7 function offers three speeds, plus vibrating escalation and pulsation, plus a combo of both. Now the person holding the remote can send a variety of surprise pleasures to their partner wearing the vibe.

Check it out: Remote Control Vibrator - 7 Function

Monday, October 09, 2006

Adult Humor - Sex Jokes

Excuses You May Hear If You Catch Her Giving Oral To The Plumber

  1. He passed out, I'm giving him mouth-to-penis resuscitation.
  2. His plumbers helper broke.
  3. The sight of his butt crack just drove me wild.
  4. I slipped and fell on it.
  5. He offered us a discount if I helped him clean out the pipes.
  6. I was having an epileptic seizure, and he didn't want me to swallow my tongue.
  7. You told me not to blow any 'money' on a plumber.
  8. He asked me to help him uncoil his snake.
  9. He said he couldn't finish the job without "workmen's compensation."
  10. I was following the direction of that porn video you always want me to watch.
  11. He didn't want to screw me without a rubber.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Good Vibrator Gets Better

Decadent Indulgence 3 Vibrator

One of the best built vibrators over recent years has been the Decadent Indulgence vibrator line. They power, 100s of function settings, and strong construction.

The latest addition to this series of vibrators is the New Decadent Indulgence 3 vibrator and it lives up to the other two vibes in the line. Between the clitoral vibration controls, the rotating beads, and the advanced pulsation programs, this sophisticated orgasm devise offers more than 300 possible combinations for your pleasure. There are 10 independent speeds for the shaft rotation, 3 clitoral vibration patterns (each with 10 speeds), plus 2 functions of escalation with progressive patterns of acceleration. The pleasure beads in the shaft are non-jamming and the tri-point elephant-shaped clitoral stimulator gives powerful vibration right on your pleasure center. It's an orgasmic work of art.