Thursday, March 22, 2007

Growing Porn Industry Dominated by U.S. and China

A recent study shows the U.S. and China dominate sex industry. The company claims revenues for the world pornography industry hit an estimated $97 billion in 2006, overshadowing the revenues of the top technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! and Apple — combined!

"The pornography industry is a very large industry, and it's growing," said TopTen Reviews CEO Jerry Ropelato.

According to the report, China saw estimated revenues of $27.4 billion in 2006, mostly for being the largest producers of sex toys. The other top-ranking countries for adult-related revenues were South Korea and Japan.

The United States hosted 244 million adult Web pages! Germany followed in second hosted only 10 million pages. About 12 percent of all total Web sites on the Internet are considered pornographic in nature.

TopTen Reviews study combined statistics from more than 10,000 sources, including the pornography industry, media reports and anti-pornography organizations. The report reveals a picture of quickly growing industry.

Other findings show most viewers of Internet pornography tend to be those with higher incomes. The report states 35 percent of Net porn viewers earn $75,000 a year or more. The next highest, 26 percent, are those who earn $50,000 to $75,000 a year.

Ropelato said the main reason appears to be the ability of people with higher incomes to afford computers, and those with higher incomes can also afford broadband Internet service.

TopTen Reviews has also reviewed and ranked a list of the best parental software in its opinion. The ranking and the report can be viewed at
"I think it's a huge danger for kids, and I think parents need to be aware of it."

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Cone Vibrator

Finally, someone has come up with a NEW design for a vibrator: The Cone. This vibrator is designed for hands-free orgasmic fun! Made from hypo-allergenic silicone, this sturdy vibe offers 16 programs of vibration and pulsation. Because of the unusual shape of this vibe, you can mount it on the wall and press against it, hold it, or stradle it for intense, deep vibration while sitting on it. Let the orgasms flow!

Male or female, straight or gay, the Cone Vibrator lets you ignore all the rules.

The cone vibrator is the hottest new sex toy this year.

Cone Vibrator