Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Selling Sex Toys for Valentine's Day

Best Selling Sex toys for Valentine's Day Couples compiled this list of top selling adult toys for the month of February. Lots of good vibrators, strap ons, and dildos.

Feeldoe Vibrator This unique design is strapless strap-on dildo. No harness to wear, it fits inside a woman's vagina.

Eve's Strap On Harness This strap on dildo set is a great buy at $31.95. It includes 2 dildos and the harness.

Hitachi Magic Wand After 20 years the Hitachi Magic Wand with it's durability and intense power is still a top selling vibrator/massager.

Decadent Indulgence 3 This rabbit style vibrator from California Exotics is a power house with 300 different settings to find just the right sexual stimulation that's right for you.

Head Honcho Sleeve The best selling male masturbator sleeve since it came out. Designed and recommended by Sue Johanson from the Talk Sex television show.

Rabbit Pearl Vibrator Since it was featured on Sex and the City this has been the top selling Rabbit Vibrator. Strong power and top materials make this an all time favorite.

Berman Athena Vibe A nice little, powerful pocket vibrator from Dr. Laura Berman.

We-Vibe Vibrator The newest sensation for couples to use during sexual intercourse. This hands-free vibrator is winning awards and satisfying women. It was even included in the Academy Awards gift bags this year!

Venus Remote Control Vibrator This amazing vibe has 7 function controls that can all be run from a wireless remote! Let your lover be incharge of your orgasms while you're out on the town.

Clit Kisser A perennial favorite for women. It immitates the sensation of oral sex on a woman. Orgasms are sure to follow.

Make Own Dildo Kit Nothing says you're my Valentine like an exact replica of your penis. This dildo kit has enough material to make two penis molds.

Fleshlight The Fleshlight is one of the most popular and high quality masturbator sleeves made.

So these are the sex toys that sold this year. Lots of fun to be had so enjoy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Women Don't Like in a Man

What Turns Women Off Sexually

1001 women took a survey on the British Website about what really turns them off about the opposite sex:
1. Getting drunk and believing you are more attractive than you are
2. Sweaty patches on clothing
3. Arrogance
4. Inappropriate attire – i.e. socks and sandals and Hawaiian shirts
5. Looking scruffy – sweats are a no, no
6. Not doing your fair share of the housework
7. Pants that fit too tightly
8. Not being a gentleman and opening doors
9. Wearing a fanny pack
10. Y Fronts

The research reveals that ditching the drink, slapping on deodorant and minding your manners may help men be more attractive.
When asked about their biggest pet peeves around the home: dirty washing left on the floor; dirty cups and mugs being left to fester; men leaving the toilet seat up and carpet stains all featured in the top five things women want to banish forever.

David Whittome, Head of Marketing at 1001 comments: “The research has revealed what really riles women. It seems our romantic gestures such as chocolates and flowers could be misguided unless we correct bad habits.

“So all things considered; to really find our way into the heart of that special someone we men clearly need to watch what you wear, make sure you clean up and watch how you behave.”