Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sex Furniture Hot Catagory in Sex Toys

If you're looking to add spice to your sex life sex furniture may be the ticket to ride. It is the fastest growing category in sex toys. Liberator shapes, sex swings, vibrating chairs, Sybian sex machine (featured on the Howard Stern show), BDSM furniture, sex position pillows and other adult toys have seen growing sales and interest from consumers.

These products give couples new possibilities for sexual positions and some give greater comfort during intercourse.

A new line of sex furniture offers a lot for your money (all of them sell for under $60) with its inflatable furniture products. Many other adult furniture can cost you hundreds of dollars, so these pieces are a real bargain and will offer you some great new sexual positions to experiment with.

Vibrator Chair

Bondage Ball
Sex Furniture

Sex Position

Tilt Master
Sex Furniture