Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recent Study Suggest Sex Gets Better With Age

Sex Study Shows Sex Improves With Age

A recent study shows that the longer a relationship is, the more a woman enjoys intimacy with her partner. Evidence also shows that the older a woman is, the more she enjoys sex. As women age, especially when they enter into menopause, they no longer have to worry about pregnancy. In addition, "seasoned" older woman is comfortable with her sexuality, and is no longer worried about "how to please her man". She KNOWS how to please what he likes, and flaunts it when she can!

As men age, their testosterone levels drop off drastically, and sex becomes less and less of a priority. Older men focus more on the relationship they have with their significant other. Men that are satisified with their relationships tend to be more concerned with a woman's pleasure than his own. Studies also show that the more sexual partners a guy has in his lifetime, the less sexually satisfied he is. Men who've had long-time love partners tend to report much more pleasure in their relationships than the "players" who have unrealisitic expectations as they age.