Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Rabbit Fever" Film Focuses on Vibrator Pleasure

A comedy film from the United Kingdom focuses on a best-selling vibrator, the Rampant Rabbit "Rabbit Fever" is a Brit mockumentary populated with popular British TV actors. The film stars: Lisa Barbuscia, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Tara Summers, Flora Montgomery, Emma Buckley, Sienna Guillory, Stefanie Powers, Sorcha Cusack, Enzo Cilenti, Tom Hollander, Tom Conti, Richard Branson, Germaine Greer, and Emily Mortimer. And it is directed by Ian Denyer.

As all women and, thanks to 'Sex And The City', most men will be aware, the Rampant Rabbit is one of the most popular female orgasm givers in the world. The shaft of this little vibrating wonder is full of gyrating ball-bearings and two little vibrating rabbit ears are designed to do their magic on the clitoris. The filmmakers play the adult toy for laughs.

The film kicks off with a smattering of genuine facts: the first dildo was invented in Ancient Greece while we had to wait 2,000 years for the first vibrator, designed to relieve women of an irritable nervous disorder labeled hysteria, the second most common female "illness" during Victorian era. Doctors hand messaged a woman's private parts once to four times a month to "relieve" her of the condition (These medical professionals didn't realize they were giving their female patients an orgasm. Oh, those silly Victorians). Doctors were so overworked with this therapy that they invented the first vibrator, a steam-powered contraption called the Steely Dan, later giving the 1970s folk-rock band their name.

Moving into the realms of fiction, we're introduced to a support group for women who are addicted to their buzzing love-toy, together with their male partners. Some of the vibrator terminology is cute (a "flopsy" is a rabbit vibe without batteries).

Rampant Rabbit Vibrator

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