Monday, April 03, 2006

Vibrators in the News - Vibrators of the Stars

Hollywood stars have been talking vibrators.

In an interview, Desperate Housewive star TERI Hatcher said, "I'm not looking to fall in love and marry. Not because I'm angry or defensive; it just isn't on my agenda right now." Which means her own love life is considerably less racy than her character's. "Yes, I would say less," she sighs-"unless you count my vibrator; then it's more!"

Former Playboy Bunny and Actress Jenny McCarthy visited the Howard Stern Radio Show. She told the talk show host that her favorite vibrator is the Pocket Rocket Vibrator, and that she uses it several times a week.

Eva Longoria, another DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star, recently claimed she relies on her vibrator and all women should own one. She was overwhelmed when fans started sending vibrators to her through the mail.

Longoria says, "People sent them to me by the truckload. Boxes and boxes and boxes. I gave them to all my girlfriends." She confesses her best sex of the past year came courtesy of her vibrator. "I own two. I have the Rabbit Vibrator, and I give that as a gift all the time."

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