Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tips on Using Vibrators

How To Use a Vibrator

Using a vibrator can be a very pleasurable experience. For reasons we don't fully understand, the extra stimulation a woman gets from a vibrator helps her achieve orgasm more easily, and more frequently than with a non-vibrating toy. Proper usage and handling is key, however. You don't want an unpleasant experience to color your future experimentation with toys. Here are a few guidelines to help you build a lifetime love affair with your new sex toy.
  1. Always wash any sex toy before using it. If it isn't waterproof, don't get water near the battery case
  2. Don't use a vibrator on broken or irritated skin, and if pain or discomfort occurs, turn the vibrator off immediately.
  3. Never insert a vibrator to the point where it can't be easily removed and controlled.
  4. Get to know your vibrator before using it on your body, and then always start at the lowest settings to find out what feels good
  5. Experiment with your new toy alone first, before using it with a partner. Knowing what turns you on will really enhance your love making experience.
  6. Vibrators feel good on any erogenous zone. Experiement with using your new toy on your nipples, inner thighs and on all parts of your vagina.
  7. Using lubriant will definitely enhance the feel of your vibrator. Water based lubes are safest, since there's no chance they could damage silicone materials that might be in your toy.
  8. Before inserting a vibrator for the first time, turn it off, so you can get used to the toy's size and texture before experimenting with various vibration modes and speeds.
  9. Always clean your vibrator after use, and then store it in a cool, dry area.
  10. Always remove the batteries prior to storing your vibrator. This will greatly increase the life of the toy, as well as preventing you from going broke buying new batteries!

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