Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Model Victoria Silvstedt Wins Fake Orgasm Contest

SWEDISH pin-up Victoria Silvstedt once entered an orgasm faking contest - and beat 10 men to the prize. The stunning blonde showed off her sexy skills in a pub competition - and won a new TV for her efforts.

She said, "The contestants were me and 10 guys...When I came home with my prize, my mum was like: 'Where the hell did you get that?' I told her that I won a game of bingo."

The busty model also revealed she has a very adventurous sex life. "I've had sex on a plane... I've had sex in the back of a taxi as well, and there was one time I did it on a jet ski."

Do I see a new reality series in the making? "The Greatest Orgasm Show"

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