Thursday, December 22, 2005

G-Spot Orgasms - Techniques for The Most Intense Orgasm

Ask a woman who has experienced a G-Spot orgasm and she'll tell you that it is among the most intense pleasures she has ever experienced. However, G-Spot orgasms are also among the most illusive pleasures for many women.

To help a woman experience a G-Spot orgasm, her partner must be a patient and skilled lover. One of the keys to achieving these illusive pleasures is getting the woman fully excited before attempting to stimulate her G-Spot.

Start with foreplay such as sweet talk, kissing, caressing and other tactile stimulation, leave her eager for more lovemaking. Follow with oral clitoral stimulation while she is laying on her back. Give gentle, soft oral caresses to her clitoral hood and vaginal lips soft with your tongue and lips. Gently suck on her clitoral hood. Kiss around the outside of the vagina. Take your time and don't bring her to orgasm yet.

Don’t neglect touching her thighs, buttocks, stomach, breasts, etc. with your hands while you’re giving her oral enjoyment. Women have dozens or erogenous zones. Build her excitement level up then pull back by stimulating every part of her except her except her genitals.

(Hint: Many women arch their back when they are close to orgasm.)

Once she is exceptionally excited, teasingly start to insert your middle finger just a little way into her vagina. Before fully inserting your finger, pull it out and tenderly touch around the outside of the vagina or massage the opening to her vagina. Repeat this process going a little deeper with your finger each time. With her lying on her back, you'll find her G-spot a on the roof of her vagina a few inches inside her. It is on a ridge inside her vagina, usually a few inches long and a half inch wide. When it is fully aroused it feels spongy and engorged. Stimulate it gently with one or two fingers.

To intensify her orgasm, bring her several times close to peaking then reduce stimulation before bringing her to a final climax. Most women need additional stimulation to the breasts, clitoris and other zones while the g-spot is stimulated.

A g-spot orgasm has been described by women as an entire body orgasm, that fills her and flows through her. Most women feel out of control during a g-spot orgasm and it lasts significantly longer than a typical clitoral orgasm.


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