Friday, December 30, 2005

Glass Dildos from Pleasure Toys

Pleasure Toys has created a new line of Erotic Art Glass Dildos. Twenty-One pieces that range in size from a 4 inch Sapphire Blue Anal toy to a 12 inch long, 1.5 inch wide multi-textured Radial Scepter. Pleasure Toys sorts the glass dildos into three categories: straight probes, curved glass wands and scepters.

“We worked very hard to create unique designs with both beauty and unique functionality,” said Ron Jacks, Managing Partner for Pleasure Toys. “Unusual new textures such as tight radial spirals, twisted ‘waves’ and large mounds were developed in the glass blowing process for these pieces. For beauty, glass blowing techniques such as lattachino twirling, multi-color spinning, and filigrano winding were used to create these stunning pieces of erotic art glass.”

Each glass dildo includes a padded roll-up pouch to protect the art glass dildo. The pouches are made of blue or black velvet with a red satin lining. The pouch is also reversible so the red satin becomes the outside of the pouch.

Glass Dildos from Pleasure Toys

These are really quite exceptional glass dildos. I've seen all glass dildos from all the major adult glass makers and these are real standouts.

Glass Dildos

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